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The iMist Products Process


The iMist system has been researched, developed and engineered to ensure its capabilities to be installed into residential and domestic properties, with a discreet pump unit connected to the town mains.


Each property is different and requires a more specific design. We can design your iMist system to match your decor, using floor plans to ensure the system is installed to cover areas effectively.


All iMist products are manufactured in house, and shipped to our distributors ready for installation. With the iMist system manufactured in-house, we can ensure the quality of the components before shipping out to our distributors.


Our distributors are fully vetted to ensure the safe installation of the iMist system. The system has been designed to be compact, robust and flexible for a fast installation, even in already built and developed properties by retrofitting.
Comply with installation
NFPA 750
Component testing & Design Standard
BS 8458:2015
Third Party Manufacture
ISO 9001:2015

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The imist system allowed our home to be the open plan that we so desperately wanted. The team were very helpful overall, the Leadtime was a few weeks but in the safety industry I would have been more concerned if they could have been with me straight away!
In an industry that requires the highest standard of installation, this is the company for you. I can't speak highly enough of them! They have been incredibly understanding throughout the project, and they have helped us with many questions and problems we have from other construction companies. I look forward to recommending them to everyone I know!
I just wanted to thank you for helping to arrange the fitting of the mist system. It wasn’t a straight forward fit, but with the determination of your fitters, Jacob and Tony, they got the job done! They were exceptional, professional, and positive, just what we needed. They were totally committed to getting the job done.
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