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At iMist, fire safety is important to us, that is why we designed, engineered and manufactured our water mist system. We are one of the most comprehensively tested and accredited, domestic and residential, water mist system across the globe.

Benefit from 109 years of combined experience

Thank you for your interest to become a distributor with iMist Products. Your customers will love the benefits of our product lines, programs and exclusive resources, and you’ll love the added revenue, and countless business opportunities. Becoming a distributor of iMist Products has numerous competitive advantages. One of the most important and intangible advantages is the iMist name and brand – which stands for accreditations, quality and innovation. Selling one of the leading water mist systems can open the door to increased sales – not to mention new and enduring business relationships.
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Distributor Rewards and Benefits

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Because you’re part of the iMist family, you’ll get treated like one of us and have access to all the benefits, such as;

  • A dedicated account manager who will handle your accounts, be on-hand with any problems, and hand over enquiry leads for you to follow up on.
  • Exclusive training and marketing support, including the use of marketing materials and access our digital tools to help with your business.
  • Low-cost products from iMist Manufacturing, to help you add a margin to your products and services.
  • Ability to have low-skilled workers due to the simplicity of the iMist system installation.

Fully British Standard Tested & Compliant
UL & ULC Listed Components

About iMist Products

iMist set out with the goal to make the installation of fire suppression systems for domestic & residential dwellings easier and quicker than it historically has been.

Taking into consideration what traditional fire sprinkler companies were required to do to install in domestic and residential dwellings, iMist decided that the length of time for installation, alongside the need for considerable amounts of water and disruption caused by fixed pipework, were what led many people to get frustrated at the industry.

iMist have worked on researching and developing the iMist water mist fire suppression system over the past 5 years – with over 109 years combined experience. We are now expanding across the world to offer our tried and tested system to protect each and every person.
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8 Reasons to Choose iMist Fire Suppression Systems

Post-fire Damage

Water mist systems discharge an average of 80% less water compared to fire sprinklers, and due to mist evaporating quickly, it causes less water damage if activated.

No Tanks Required

iMist doesn’t require any water tanks in your home, which avoids loosing expensive square meterage, and instead can fit in small spaces i.e. under the kitchen sink.

Low Cost Operations

Due to installations being quicker, and less third-party requirements, iMist provide cost certainty fire suppression systems with no hidden costs or sudden surprises.

Dedicated Account Manager

We will allocate you a dedicated account manager who will assist with your accounts, problems and hand over enquiry leads for your company to follow up.

Quicker Installation

iMist designs and installs their own custom flexible hydraulic hoses so it negates the need for fitting large pipework in properties, and opens the possibility for retrofitting.

Third-party Accredited

iMist have worked hard to obtain and pass a multitude of accreditations across the world for their design, manufacturing and installations such as BS 8458:2015.

Removes Heat & Oxygen

As the mist attacks the fire, a percentage turns to steam particles that displace the heat and oxygen in the room, meaning all 3 parts of the fire triangle are attacked.

On-going Maintenance

To ensure recurring annual revenue, companies could offer service agreements once a year, to ensure all fire suppression systems are up-to-date and checked, due to legal requirements.

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