Benefits of Water Mist Systems

iMist water mist fire protection systems are a cost-effective, rapid installation and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fire sprinklers. The iMist water mist system can be fitted in most residential and domestic environment.

Discreet Design

Our discreet nozzles protrude 2cm from the ceiling, ensuring they are not noticeable and blend in with your home decor.

Minimal Damage

When the iMist system activates, the micro droplets do not flood your property. They cause minimal damage to your property.

Environmentally Friendly

The iMist system uses a small amount of water in the event of activation, keeping water usage down to a minimum.

Easy to Retrofit

The iMist system can be installed into existing properties, so if you're planning on upgrading your home, we can help.

Faster Installation

The flexible hosing of the iMist system ensures a seamless installation, helping to run the hoses through your property neatly.

The difference between Water Mist and Sprinklers

The iMist system uses 80% less water, causes less damage on activation and is a more environmentally friendly fire suppression system than a traditional fire sprinkler system.

Our aluminium nozzles are discreet and available in any RAL colour to fit in with your home decor. Using flexible hoses and hydraulic fittings, leads to reduced installation costs – large volume installations are typically 3 times faster than an equivalent sprinkler system, even in the most challenging historical properties

Manufacture Third Party
Approved and Audited
ISO 9001:2015

Our third party accreditation gives you confidence that our system is quality assured and of a high standard.

Benefits of iMist Products

Peace of Mind

A fire suppression system will give you peace of mind in your property that you are effectively covered in the event of a fire.

Overhead Installation

With an overhead, ceiling mounted nozzle, the iMist system does not have any possible hazards and blocks from suppression a fire.

Cost Efficient

The installation of the iMist system can be installed to your property in a cost efficient manor, suitable for your property.

Rapid Response

The iMist system is a wet-pipe system which means the hoses are always ready to be called up in the event of a fire.

Strong & Reliable

The iMist system is . built using hydraulic, flexible hoses and aluminium nozzles, to ensure the system is strong and reliable.

Doing our bit for the environment

At iMist, we believe that not only should your property be protected, but doing our part to protect the environment too. We’ve designed the system to use as little water as possible in the event of a fire, and even less when the system is not in use.

Water Usage

Traditional fire sprinklers are run from a water tank, which will have a vast amount of water sitting in the tank for sometimes years on end, not being used. As the iMist system uses the mains water, we only call upon the water when needed, without it sitting around in a separate tank.

Firewater Run-off

When a fire happens, this can result in a lot of different toxins and chemicals, from the fuel of the fire and the gases. The water used by fire fighters and traditional sprinkler systems will gather these toxins and chemicals, which result in firewater run-off into the environment.

Smoke Scrubbing

Most fire related deaths are caused by the gases, such as hydrogen cyanide. The iMist system uses such small water droplets, that they work to minimise the smoke from a fire, and as a result, lowering the amount of toxic gases in the air, providing a safer escape route, and environment for firefighters on arrival.

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