Fire Suppression for Homeowners

With over 109 years of combined engineer experience, and over 5,000 completed installations across the UK, iMist guarantee to know the solutions to all your fire suppression problems.

Over the last few years, iMist have developed a cost-effective fire suppression system that is environmentally friendly. The system uses 80% less water than traditional fire sprinklers, and as a result causes less damage to your home and belongings if activated. iMist have worked hard to obtain and pass all of our accreditations and certificates.

Our iMist fire suppression system has been made in Britain and designed in-house with our customers in mind. Our aluminium nozzles are discreet and available in any RAL colour to blend in with your home. The flexibility of our iMist custom hydraulic pipework means we can retrofit into existing buildings, without  disrupting or inconveniencing occupants. All this is supported by an iMist pump unit small enough to fit in a kitchen unit, and only uses a fraction of the water to negate the need for a tank.

iMist is one of the most thoroughly tested and accredited water mist systems in the UK.

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Why do I need a fire suppression system?

iMist have designed and installed 5,000 iMist systems to date, into domestic properties across the UK.

It is a legal requirement to maintain life safety equipment, and failure resulting in systems, not activation could result in criminal proceedings under: 


‘The Regulatry Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 England and Wales or The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006’


BS 9991 states that you must have an Automatic Water Fire Suppression System (AWFSS) in certain instances such as the following;


6.5.2 Loft Conversions

Open plan arrangements on the ground floor are permissible should AWFSS be installed throughout, in conjunction with a fire resisting partition and door at the first floor level.


9.7 Open Plan Layouts

Open planned flats are permissible with a fully fitted AWFSS

Open-plan living

Open-plan living provides more room for a fire to grow, which can have catastrophic results. Whilst open-plan living is ideal in terms of space and design aspects, it can bring fire risks, which is why a fire suppression system is important.


Extending your home is a great way of making the most out of your living space. When you extend your home, it should be a priority to ensure it is protected in the event of a fire, as the travel distances are increased.

Family Homes

With a fire suppression system, you can add that extra layer of protection for peace of mind in the event of a fire to protect you and your family at all times, Talk to our fire suppression experts to see if you need one in your home.


Apartments, flats and condos should have a fire suppression system to protect all occupants within the building. Travel distances are greatly increased due to multiple homes and floors, so fire systems help people to escape.

Modular Homes

With the factory built settings, it’s important to use materials that are easily transportable and can be built – wood is a popular choice in modular home. This can be a fire hazard when exposed to certain situations.

Did you know?

Most fires happen between 10pm & 6am when people are asleep. 

Most people charge their mobiles by their bed, which is a huge hazard.

Majority of fires start in the kitchen, the iMist system can even suppress chip pan fires.

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