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iMist have worked on researching and developing the iMist water mist system over 5 years, with 109 years combined experience from our staff members, and are now expanding across the world, to offer our tried and tested system. iMist Fire Suppression Systems are the economical alternative to typical fire sprinklers. The thoroughly thought-out design of the iMist system proves less water, less damage, more economical. All of our systems are designed and manufactured in-house at our iMist factory. Building regulations often require fire suppression systems installed in domestic and/or residential properties.

Fully British Standard Tested & Compliant
UL & ULC Listed Components

iMist System Components

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iMist Products

The iMist Nozzles

The iMist systems sit inline with your light fittings, making it discreet and stylish. Available in any RAL colour to suit your home decor.

Frangible Bulb

57 degrees, automatic frangible bulb, designed to be easily broken.



Only offer ceiling-mounted systems so they can’t be obstructed by furnishings.

Robust Nozzles

Designed to withstand up to 1500 and are made of 304-grade stainless steel.


Discreet Design

Any RAL colour to fit your property decor that blends in with your light fittings.

The iMist Pump

The iMist pump is designed to be discreet, to fit in the smallest of places, from under your stairs, even under your sink. Sizes include:

Domestic Pump: Height – 400mm • Depth – 300mm • Length – 500mm • Weight 35kg

Residential Pump: Height – 500mm • Depth – 300mm • Length – 700mm • Weight – 80kg

Audible Alarm

Alarm alerted for power loss and
system activation.


SMS Alerts

Alerts for yearly service reminders, activation or power loss.

Volt-Free Terminal

Allowing connection to addressable fire alarm systems.


Support and Warranty

Get up to 15 years warranty, plus our qualified team will always be on hand.

The iMist Pipework

The iMist pipework is designed to fit in easily with its flexible steel exterior.

Hydraulic Hoses

iMist hydraulic hoses that can withstand high pressure.


 Wet-Pipe System

Our hoses remain loaded with water in case of activation for quick response.

Flexible Installation

Allowing options for retrofitting due to the flexibility of our hoses.


Step-by-step Installation

Flexible steel hoses allow for easy installs, even when adding extensions.

imist products including flexible hose for distributors

The iMist system is built in-house in our factory, which helps us to ensure that all of our components are of high-quality.

Our team are highly trained to quality check the systems before they leave the warehouse, from our hosing and nozzles to the small components inside our pump unit.

Each system is hand built by our team of experts, and are ready in the factory for orders.

The iMist factory is third party audited and accredited to ISO 9001:2015 having met the standards through BSI.

iMist pump

Weight – 65KG*/ 37.2KG**
Height – 500mm*/ 400mm**
Depth – 300mm*/ 300mm**
Length – 700mm*/ 500mm**

The iMist pump for multiple family dwelling properties has been designed, engineered and manufactured by iMist to provide a discreet pump for your fire suppression system, that can be housed in a secure, hidden location.

*Multiple Family Dwelling **Single Family Dwelling

STN12 Nozzles

iMist Fire Suppression
Width – 88mm
Material – Aluminium
Above ceiling length – 22mm
Ceiling Hole Diameter – 76mm
Protrusion from ceiling – 27mm
Activation Method – Fast Response Bulb

The iMist STN12 Nozzles have been designed, engineered and manufactured by iMist to provide an elegant style to your fire suppression system.
Fire Suppression System


The iMist iZone unit is only installed on residential projects. Each iZone controls the water to a single level / zone.


Each iZone has a flow switch which is wired to the FAP to identify the level where the fire event is taking place.


Each iZone has a level operated valve which can isolate just the floor required during maintenance.

iMist Fire Suppression

Stainless STeel

Material – Stainless Steel
Hose Width – 15mm
Nut & Ferrel – 22mm

iMist pipe is extremely flexible and robust as it is sheathed in braided AISI 304 stainless steel.

The iMist hoses are factory formed in 500mm, 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m lengths and supplied ready for immediate installation with no on site cutting or modification required.
iMist Fire Suppression Nozzles

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