Standards & Accreditations

ISO 9001:2015

Our manufacturing facility in Hull has been audited and accredited through a third party accreditation. We have worked extremely hard to ensure the capabilities of our system and factory, to continually offer high standard and quality to our products. Through BSI, we achieved ISO 9001:2015 for our manufacturing factory, for the scope ‘Manufacture of domestic and residential Water Mist Fire Protection Systems.’

UL Strainer

iMist underwent extensive testing with UL for its strainer within the system. We have been awarded the certification 20181030-EX27914 and all our pump units have this fitted as standard

NFPA750-Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems, UL Subject 321-pipeline strainers

Asset 35

British Standard 8458

The British Standard 8458 is a widely recognised standard. British Standard extends across Europe.

iMist underwent testing to obtain a fully compliant certificate in accordance to the BS:8458.

There are 6 tests to ensure you’re fully complaint to BS:8458 – part of the tests involved the use of ceiling mounted nozzles, a wet-pipe system and ensuring the system is mechanically activated.

iMist NFPA Fire Suppression

NFPA 750

iMist design and install occupancy protection systems in general accordance with NFPA 750 Scope. This section shall cover the design and installation of occupancy protections systems in residential occupancies up to and including four stories in height in buildings not exceeding 18m (60ft) in height about grade plane. 

BILD Member BNW (web)

BILD Member

iMist are proud to be a corporate member of the International Water Mist Association.

IWMA work to promote research, development and the use of water mist worldwide, and iMist have passed all relevant checks by the IWMA board of association.

iMist Fire Suppression Nozzles

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